Preguntas Frecuentes


If I want the benefits of buying articles in Link'n Red, do I have to pay for membership?

We live from the grateful client, so we make your life simpler and at no time are we going to charge you a membership

Do I have questions about the product or service I want to purchase?

All the products and services offered through Link'n Red are through previously registered suppliers and they are the ones who best know their articles, for this reason we leave you free and open communication with the supplier to solve your doubts. This communication can be done when you are consulting the "Detail" view of the product or service that catches your attention.

How do I earn Link'n Red points?

When you are looking for your products or services within our commercial platform, you will find that there are suppliers that give away points and in different amounts, this you will identify with an icon in the form of a gift (), these points will be credited to your account so that you can use them for subsequent purchases

Where can I use my Link'n Red points?

You can use your points with any provider registered in Link'n Red, in addition to that they will never lose their value (One Point = One Peso)

We are always thinking of you, so if you no longer have the need to continue shopping at Link'n Red, we give you the option that the points you have accumulated can be used to pay and / or pay for your Water, Light services , Telephone, Gas, etc.

Do my points expire?

We wanted to make your life easier, so your Link'n Red points will never expire

How to receive the product?

You have two options to receive your order:
1: Pick up at the supplier's store or at a specific point
2: That they send the product to you where you need it so you can agree to the shipment directly with the supplier, in the publication you will see if the supplier makes shipments and what the costs are. If he has no information, ask him before buying.

In either case, review the product to confirm that it is exactly what you bought.

How to pay for the order?

You have several options to pay for your order:
1: Pay in full or pay for your order with Link'n Red points (One point = One weight), at the time you make the purchase, you decide how many points to use.
2: Pay by means of a transfer to the account of Ennovasol SA de CV. (Remember to save your receipt in case future clarifications are needed)
3: Pay through PayPal (Remember to save your receipt in case future clarifications are needed)

In any of the 3 options, you can print your own receipt.

NOTE: Payments made in supermarkets or other, may take time to be credited and Link'n Red recognizes the payment to start the purchase process.

How we protect you!

We protect your money until you have your purchase and we can do this since Link'n Red deposits your money with the suppliers until your purchase is completed. We did it like this so that you have time to receive the product and evaluate it.

AlwaysYou will have the option of using the Link'n Red support line and we will help you with your claim.

Can I cancel my order?

When an order is created in Link'n Red, it handles different stages, depending on the stage you are in, you can cancel the order and your money will be returned 100%.

I have doubts when buying and fear of losing my money!

We know that there are many "macabre" stories and frauds when buying online, for this reason we try to design a different concept so that you play it safe.

Our business model allows us that before you buy, you can go to visit the PHYSICAL store of the supplier in which you are interested and / or that you can see and feel the product or service that catches your attention, once you are convinced @ and you feel like buying it, you can visit the Link'n Red portal again to make your purchase and use the link'n Red points as a payment method.


What will you get with your provider program in FREE PLAN?

1.Have your domain
2. Tell your customers your mission, vision, about us and where your stores are located
3.You can upload a gallery of photos, videos, news and indicate your branches on the map
4. The "CONTACT US" module where your prospects can write their questions or comments.
5. We will index your business data so that it appears in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing ...
6.You will manage your entire platform from your provider panel

What will you get with your provider program in PREMIUM PLAN?

In this plan, you will have all the points of the Free plan, plus an extra button in your domain where you can include all your products or services (unlimited load of articles), for a monthly rent of $ 1,350 + VAT

How can I get sales?

There are 3 types of sale!

1. Sales can be boosted from through natural traffic ..., likewise in Link'n Red we promote Collaborative Marketing through newsletters, electronic magazine, social networks, bulletins ... and our Staff will seek to complement suppliers to promote cross-selling between companies.
2. They are given an exclusive page (Example Name: to promote it and invite their friends and family to visit their WEB page.
3. If your strategy is to Print Flyers, Flyers, Cards and distribute them to your prospects, we can help you and give you a QR code (two-dimensional code) so that you can print it on your printed advertising and from there your customers buy from their mobile devices in your Link´n Red portal.

What are our delivery options?

The client has the option of having the article sent to his home address (The client selects whether it is delivered through our logistics operator FEDEX and / or you make the delivery yourself) or the client can pick up the article in their stores (In link ' n Red we promote visits to your stores, we do not have any problem that the customer visits them).

Does the product need to be in Link'n Red's warehouse?

No, all the articles you protect it, at the time of making a sale with home delivery, Fedex can pass by the article or you can take it to the Fedex facilities ... if the client decides to pick it up at your stores, Link'n Red It will show the customer the addresses of their stores where they can pick up the item.

Can I only post products for immediate delivery?

Not necessarily, you simply have to define if the item is ST (Stock) or SP (On Order) and what is the delivery time, we let the customer know when consulting the "Detail View" of the item.

How do I create a provider account?

It is very simple, we also believe that all companies should have a WEB page, so we set ourselves the task of being able to offer it for FREE ( FREE REGISTRATION ) and you can make yourself known with your customers, with this option you will have the opportunity to talk about "News", "Mission- Vision- Us", "Photo Gallery", "Video Gallery", "Your branches" and you will have the advantage of your clients contacting you and writing to you through the famous “Contact us”.

The link´n Red team is made up of businessmen and entrepreneurs, so we designed a mechanism so that we too areprofitable ... we propose a scheme for you to complement your free page and add the option of "Virtual Store" and thus sell your products and services from the Link'n Red platform and with this you can extend your sales channel online, from this way you complement yourself with customers and suppliers by sharing the gift points.

How to make a good post

Keep in mind that the best way to attract your customers is through images, as well as writing a good title, description and details of your products and services, some tips are:
• Make a descriptive title, include the name of the product or service + brand + model + technical specifications + additional services, separate the words with spaces and check that there are no spelling errors (example: Laptop HP Dual Core 415 LED 12 320 GB 4 GB Wifi HDMI )
• Be very specific and include the technical characteristics in the detailed description.
• Upload good photos that are in focus and well lit, show different angles of your article and show with images what you cannot describe in words.
• Add videos of the operation, this will give you more confidence in your client.

I have to manage a stock in Link'n Red

You have 3 options to tell the customer how you manage your inventory.
1: Stock, you indicate the exact quantity of the product you have, once a sale is made, your inventory will be reduced. (Remember that if you sell outside of Link'n Red, be sure to update your stock or ask for our connection to your ERP system for automatic update).
2: In Stock, in this way the legend "In Stock" appears and not the exact quantity with which you have merchandise, this option is to indicate to the client that the quantity with which you have enough and the delivery is fast.
3: On Request, in this way the legend "On Request" appears and it is to indicate that you do not have this merchandise on hand, so it would take time to get it.

How to get more visits?

Try to offer gift points (Link'n Red Points) so that your customers buy you and trust them, with this you will make your products or services more attractive, offer free shipping, deliver your products in the shortest possible time and respond to the requests on time. questions from your customers.

You have already done all of the above, we support you so that you can make a synergy with some other provider and complement each other. (Example: if you sell a "air conditioning maintenance" service, we can help you in complementing you with a supplier that sells the Air conditioning product in Link'n Red and for each sale that is made, the customer is taken as "KIT ”A future maintenance.

How can I offer Link'n Red gift points to my clients?

When you register as a "Premium" provider, you have the option to create, edit or delete your products or services, right there you will have the option to award the points you want, these points are the ones with which you will make your product more attractive or service to your customers since they will be able to use them in their next purchases.

Remember that One POINT = One WEIGHT, so according to the amount of points that you want to give to your clients, that money will be deducted from your balance account.

Bag: $ 750 Pesos
Gift points: 50 points.

When your client buys the bag, he will have to deposit to Link'n Red the amount of $ 750 pesos and the client will pay 50 points for his future purchases ... at the moment the purchase / sale is finalized , link'n Red will make a deposit to the provider for the amount of$ 700 pesos.

How do I receive the money for the sale of my products or services?

We have designed a platform where security for our customers and suppliers is what interests us the most, so for each sale made on the portal, Link'n Red is the entity that protects the money until the purchase is finalized, In this way, we are going to protect money, ensure quality in transactions and that a fair deal is always done for customers and suppliers.

For this reason, all suppliers and without exception are given the money for the purchase / sale once the transaction is completed.

To make the process of transferring money from our accounts to that of the provider simple, we decided to define one day a week for the payment scheduling, if you are not satisfied with this mechanism, you can consult with us and we will find a way not to inconvenience you.

We will help you in any part of the process and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to let us know.

Can I invoice my products or services?

Yes, the Link'n Red platform is ready for you to issue your invoices from the portal, if you require this service, let us know.

How do I organize my sales?

Within your panel you will have a module exclusively so that you know the detail of the orders you have, as well as the status in which they are.