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Benefits when buying at Link'n Red:

  • 1. You earn Points for your easy and fast purchases.
  • 2. You find the products and services you require in one place.
  • 3. You can buy products or services with your accumulated points.
  • 4. Different types of payment according to your needs.

Follow these steps and start shopping

  • 1. Register with your email and password HERE.AQUÍ.
  • 2. Select the product or service you want and add it to your cart.
  • 3. Choose if you pick it up at the store or take it home.
  • 4. Check our payment methods.
  • 5. Once your purchase is complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

How do points work in Link'n Red?

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Benefits when buying at Link'n Red:

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What can i buy with points?

With Link'n Red points you can buy any item from our suppliers. How are these points earned? It is very simple, you just have to look for the products that have a gift icon and buy it, and at the moment the purchase process is accepted, your points will be added to your account so that you can continue buying in Link ' n Network.